Friday, July 22, 2016

July workshop cancelled. Too feed or not to feed.......

The July Requeening Workshop hosted by Myron and Connie McCleary has been cancelled.  Myron is having knee surgery a few days prior to the workshop.

Try not to remove too much honey. It has more nutrictional value than sugar syrup or sugar candy. If you need to feed, here are a few suggestions.  Feed in the late evening. Feed strong nearby hives as well. (This helps to reduce robbing).  Internal or top feeding also helps reduce robbing. If you have to feed with a boardman feeder you might reduce the hive entrance. This too helps prevent robbing. As you can see robbing can be a major problem when feeding this time of year. Most authorities recommend feeding a 2:1 sugar syrup or sugar candy. Try not feeding diluted honey. The high moisture content will cause the honey to ferment quickly in hot weather.. Hope these few suggestions help.

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