2015 Hive Grant Program

Tennessee Beekeepers Association 
Hive Grant Program for 2015

Eligibility Requirements for individuals to receive the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and Tennessee Beekeepers Association Hive Grant:

*  be completely new to beekeeping 
*  be a resident of Tennessee
*  complete a beginning beekeeping course (Cherokee Beekeepers Short Course counts as credit)
*  commence beekeeping activities in the spring of 2015
*  accept a beekeeping beginner kit grant
*  purchase bees
*  purchase additional equipment as needed
*  become a member of the Cherokee  Beekeepers Association for two years
*  become a member of Tennessee Beekeepers Association for two years
*  complete the Registration of Tennessee Apiaries form in accordance with the Tennessee    Apiary Act of 1995.  This form may be completed on line or copied for mailing.  Go to                       http://state.tn.us/agriculture/regulatory/apiary.htmlfor regulations and forms.
*  work with an association member mentor for two years
*  for the first two years, half of the honey production from the grant hive will be returned to the local association to help defray set up cost.  Commencing the third year, all the honey is the beekeepers.
*  if one decides not to complete the two year commitment, Return grant equipment kit to local association for redistribution.

Beginner Kit will include:
Screened bottom board, Hive Body, Wired beeswax foundation, Inner cover, Entrance feeder, Telescoping cover, Round veil with plastic helmet, Gloves, Hive Tool, Smoker, and the new Beekeeping in TN book.

Once grants are award the grant equipment kits, new beekeeper names, addresses, TBA membership application and dues, and mentor’s names shall be submitted to the TBA Treasurer.