Wednesday, March 4, 2020

February meeting! Thanks John White for an evening enjoyed by new and advanced beekeepers

What an action packed meeting Tuesday evening! We started out with John White talking Flora and Bees. We sat in silence taking in all of the information John shared about how bees see, what they see and what flowers (this includes trees) attract bees. Even learning how bees feed almost all year.
John also shared what was native, non-native, poisonous to bees, poisonous to humans. Lots of good questions generated. He has already replied to me and I will have the Secretary email everyone today. John has information about Holly and flowers for the Dearth.
Next, Kellye Bishop shared about different Feeder types. Again, wonderful discussion. I loved that she stated there are as many different types of feeders as there are opinions from beekeepers! ha!ha! It's true we each have our own opinion on what works for us. Thank you Kellye for leading this event!
Then our own Donna Yarber shared a New Beekeeper's Checklist and a Queen Information list. Both of these are forms that she has developed from her own experience and "OCD". She will be talking more about these forms as the year goes, so make sure you bring yours to each meeting. We look forward to hearing more as the year goes.
Lastly, Suzi Drumright revealed the winners of our Hive Grant. Please congratulate: Melissa Coyne, Stephanie Myers and Norman (Roger) McCullough!

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