Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fair, Short Course 2012, Show and Tell

Fair, Short Course 2012, Show and Tell

Sounds like a busy meeting!  All the above were discussed at our August meeting.

The local fair is August 31st through September 3rd.  Stop by the association booth.  Remember to enter your honey for judging.  We would love to see a member win!

The idea of moving the Short Course 2012 to February seemed to be well received.  This would allow those new to beekeeping time to buy supplies and bees.  Also having the Short Course over 2-3 days instead of an all day event.  Please share your ideas so we will have a strong course in 2012.

The meeting was rapped up with member sharing some of there own tricks of the trade.  Nucs built out of plywood, Bobbie Pins to hold foundation, and using multiple jar feeders to name a few.

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