50th Anniversary 1969-2019

Saturday, August 3, 2019

New Cherokee President for 2019

If you missed the last couple of meetings you might not know that Cherokee's 2019 president, Jeff Martin, resigned effective at the close of the June meeting. Jeff resigned due to increased family business demand of his time. We thank Jeff for his leadership during his short tenure.
A special paper ballot election for president took place during the July meeting. Myron McCleary,  a long time active Cherokee member, was elected to finish out 2019. Congratulations to Myron and best wishes to Jeff.

Monday, July 8, 2019

July meeting: REQUEENING and election of remaining 2019 CBA President

This is a friendly reminder that our next meeting is July 23rd at 7pm at the AG Central Co-Op. Feel free to arrive early to chit chat with fellow beekeepers. Our guest speaker is Jay Heselschwerdt who has over 20 years of beekeeping experience. Jay works as the Eastern Regional Apiary Inspector for the State of Tennessee. Jay also is Co-Founder of the HONEY Convention, President of Bee Friends Bee Club, and the 4H leader for Claiborne Youth Beekeepers. He will be discussing Requeening which is a very important topic, and its importance is not always FULLY understood. We hope that you all will be able to attend.

Please note that nominations for President are to be made to our Vice President Keith Riggle prior to our meeting as mentioned in previous email. Keith's cell number is 423-322-1715. At the meeting, we will review those nominated for President, and vote. Members must be present to vote.

We hope to see you all at the meeting as we gather together to learn more about beekeeping!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Field Day Saturday, June 29th

Fellow Beekeepers!   The field day is rescheduled for this Saturday, June 29th from 10am to 12:30pm at Kuenzer Honey Farm hosted by Chris Kinser and wife Melissa, located ON Hwy 30 E between the airport and the drive-in....but on the opposite side of the road.  Address is 2022 HWY 30 E.  They will hang balloons on our mailbox!  Sorry for late notice. It should be a dry and storm free day.

We hope you can attend. We want this to be a learning experience for all levels of beekeepers. They will provide nitrile gloves for sanitary purposes.... WATER and GATORADE available.  It will be HOT and they want people to stay hydrated. They will also have light snacks.  Remember to wear shoes that may get muddy....and that you can comfortably walk a ways....You must wear a VEIL at the least. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Field Day-June 22nd

Field day Saturday, June 22, 9:30am till noon. Field Day will be at Chris and Melissa Kinser’s apiary 2022 HWY 30 EYou must wear your veil. Nitrile gloves will be provided. This will be a very education event. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Kent Williams guest speaker

I have just received word that we will be having a guest speaker this Tuesday, May 28th.  We are so excited to announce that we will have the very knowledgeable and humorous Kent Williams!!!   WE hope that you all will make the meeting to enjoy hearing this Veteran Beekeeper of 28-years.  This will be a meeting that you will not want to miss.