Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hands on Lesson

Today there were five members who spent the afternoon with Dean Womac in his Bee Yard and Honey Room.  Dean gave a tour of his honey room then off to the bee yard to do a little robbing.  Five full supers of honey were collected to be extracted.  However Dean will have plenty more honey to take later.  He will have a great honey year!

After the supers were gathered, time for extracting.  Dean showed the group how he uncapped his frames and then everyone had a chance for a little hands on.  The refractometer was also demonstrated on how to test the moisture content of the honey.  A moisture content of 16.5% was agreed on.  The extractor was loaded with 20 frames and the motor turned on.  Minutes later the frames were empty!  Honey was then emptied into a food grade bucket and transferred  into the honey storage tank.  The honey will stay in this container for a few days before bottling.

As the afternoon came to an end Dean gave everyone a bear bottle of HONEY!!!
 Thank you Dean!!!!

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