Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June Newsletter

There were 11 beekeepers that attended the field day at John Hartmann's bee yard.  Four hives were inspected. They were able to  find the queen, see a brood pattern, and added frame of brood and larva to a weaker hive.  A good time was had with many good questions asked.  

June Newsletter
Summer is officially here and during the season, bees collect more than just nectar and pollen.  They gather a whole lot of water.  Field bees bring water to the hive and deposit it in cells, while other bees fan their wings to evaporate the water and regulate the temperature of the hive.  KEEP IN MIND that they will seek out the nearest water source.  You don't want that source to be your neighbors' kiddy pool or dog bowls!  When it comes to providing water for your bees, consider an option that is convenient for you both.  Get creative, but definitely do not overlook this necessity.  A chicken waterer is a good way to provide your bees with water.  Place some gravel or small pebbles in the tray, so the bee don't drown.

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