Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meigs County Fair Pictures

September 8th
Connie and Honeybee Myron McCleary

Myron and Connie

"It's so soft!"

Honeybee Nancy Howard

Honeybee Art Howard

Honey for Sale


September 6th 
Mrs Robinson's Friend

"I was here last night and found the Queen."

Kristy Cox sharing honey samples. Yummy! 

Mike Coulter teaching about the bees.

"Oh my real BEES!!"

 SOLD!  She uses honey to wash her face. 
Great advice I'm going to try this!

Greg Whitehead and Andy Cox

September 5th 
Looking for the Queen.

I found the Queen!

Ron Stephenson talking about "girls" I mean bees!

Honey show winners!

Thanks Myron and Connie for the observation hive!!

Jim Gentry, Ron and Jan Stephenson

Now where did she go?

Wow! Those are real bees.

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