Saturday, November 3, 2012

Great Harvest Dinner 2012

Our 2012 Harvest Dinner was fabulous!!  We had approximately 45 people in attendance with special guest Lynda Rizzardi (TBA President ), her husband Ned, Cayci Leamon (McMinn County Extention Agent 4-H) and her daughter Eva.  Linda spoke about opportunities with TBA and the conference.  Cayci shared with us her responsibilities with 4-H and how we may become involved.  Art Howard had the blessing and then a feast we did have.  A movie was shown after dinner on our CBA 2012 activities.  The movie was available for purchase which raised over $50 dollars for the association.  We are also starting to work on a cookbook with Ocoee and Monroe Beekeepers Associations.  A request for honey recipes was make with the hopes of having the Honey Cookbook ready by next fair season.                                                                              

Officiers for 2013 were elected.  Jim Gentry, President, Mike Coulter, Vice-President, and Jan Stephenson, Secretary/Treasure.  The nominating committee presented out going President, John Hartmann, and out going Secretary/Treasure, Amy Adams with a gift of a honey spoon.  Door prizes were given through out the night with the help of Trinity Adams.

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