Thursday, January 21, 2021

Considering becoming a beekeeper?

 If you are considering starting beekeeping and are looking for good advice the Cherokee Beekeepers Association (CBA) ask that you read "Beekeeping In Tennessee"*. This booklet is published by the University of Tennessee, Agricultural Extension Department. The information below came from that publication. CBA will work to post timely advice through the coming months.  CBA Leadership Team 

Beginning Beekeeping Basics 

• Start small. Two colonies is an ideal number for an inexperienced person to keep for one or two years. 

• Expand as your experience and confidence grow. 

• Start right. Avoid discouraging mistakes at the very beginning by thorough preparation. Read, read, read and ask questions of beekeepers and Extension staff. 

• Buy new equipment. The experience of assembling new hives is very informative for the inexperienced beginner. 

• Plan ahead. Order your bees, hives and tools in the fall. The hives and tools should be delivered in time to be assembled before your bees arrive the following April. 

• Be ready. When the packaged bees arrive, your hives should be assembled and located on the site selected for your apiary.

* Google Beekeeping In Tennessee

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