Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Foundation, Packages & Inspections

We will begin our first meeting of the season Thursday, March 29th around 7:00pm at the Valley Farmers CO-OP in Athens.  There will be hands on frame building, discuss foundations, wiring, package installation and basic hive inspections.  Hope to see our "old" beekeepers there to meet the new ones and share some experiences that may help them get started with a good "foundation"!

With the warmer weather you may need to start feeding.  Reports are hives are stronger much earlier this year!


  1. Can you use plastic foundation instead of wired?

  2. You can use plastic foundation. I use it for brood only. Suggest coating with a thin layer of wax. Will tell you how at our meeting next Thursday.

  3. Really enjoyed Thursday's meeting. When will the association have a field meeting so new beekeepers can see what the bees are doing and see the different bees?