Friday, August 10, 2012

What Have Our Members Been Doing?

Dean Womac has had a bumper crop of honey.  Last count I heard was 93 supers!!  He has 5 gallons buckets of honey for sale @ $2.78 per pound.  Dean's phone number is  423-745-2322.

Tom and Linda Kovalcik harvested their first season of honey.  They started the season with 2 packages they installed April 26th.  Below is a picture of their honey and sticker. Beautiful honey!!!!  

 Andy and Kristy Cox also harvested their first season of honey.  Their honey was from a nuc they started March 10th and a package that was installed April 4th.  Below is a picture of their capped honey.  Nice!

Art and Nancy Howard and Myron and Connie McCleary attended the Heartland Apicultural Society Annual Conference, July 12-14.  Can't wait to hear what they learned.  Next year this conference returns to Tennessee!!  The Link below has information about this years conference.

Greg Whitehead harvested a 10-frame super in June.  He bought a Maxant extractor and ended up with about 15 quarts.  Greg also post his bee experiences on

Email us your bee stories and pictures.  Love to know what our members are doing.

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