Friday, August 31, 2012

August Meeting

Our August Meeting was held at the McMinn County Airport.  We had 27 in attendance.

Myron McCleary talked about a booth the association was going to have at the Meigs County Fair September 4th-8th.  We had a good list of volunteers to man the booth during the fair.  Kristy Cox had a handout with rules for local and state honey shows.  Meigs County entries are due the 3rd and Polk County the 9th.  State Entries are due the 28th.  Please call Kristy if you need honey taken to any show. 423-507-2345    (As a side note the state has entries for wax and photography that is bee related.  We will get those entries to the state show too!)

Mrs Lynda Rizzardi (President TBA)  and Mr Charlie Parton (East TN. Vice-President TBA) attended our meeting.  Thank you both for taking the time to visit with our association.  Mr Parton  gave us highlights of the upcoming Tennessee Beekeepers Association Conference in Cookeville, TN, September 28-29.  Mrs Rizzardi informed us we had enough members in the TBA to have a voting delegate.   A vote was then taken to have Mike Coulter be our delegate.  Mrs Rizzardi gave us pointers on honey show entries.  She suggested wax paper be used between the jar and lid to keep the lid clean and don't use Windex to clean the jars.  Sometimes that is tasted in the honey.  

Several members shared bee experiences they have had the past few months. Anything from swarms to first honey harvests were discussed. Jim Gentry gave a few pointers on fall management.  Make sure your hives have good honey stores. You should be feeding if your stores are low.  Also check for bee diseases.  Now is the time to address issues not in the winter or early spring.  The hive could be in a weakened condition by then and may not survive.

The 2013 Officer Nomination Committee was selected.  This committee includes Jim Gentry, Chairmen, Myron McCleary and Ron Stevenson.  If you would like to be an officer or have a candidate in mind let these gentlemen know.

Susan Hensley surprised her husband Roger with birthday cake.  Lucky for us there was enough for everone!  Thanks Susan and Happy Birthday Roger!!

The Harvest Dinner was scheduled for Thursday, October 25th, 7:00pm at the McMinn County Airport.  More information to come!!

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