Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Guest Speaker - Mike Studer


TN State Apiarist
Mike Studer

Mike will be discussing the:
 "Whys and Hows of Hive Medication"

The 1st year beekeeper topic will be: 
"Inspecting Packages Bees and Supers for the Honey Flow"
by Jim Gentry 

Save Time....Get Swarm Info

If you get a call about someone who has a swarm of bees, here are some tips on information you should get.

*Name, address and phone number of homeowner.

*Direction to find swarm including location on the property.

*Length of time bees have been at location.

*Height above ground. Will ladder be needed.

*Size of swarm (eg., football size or larger)

*Can person calling send you a picture via text?

*How many beekeepers has the home owner called before you? If the answer is several.... You might want to stay home...

*Make sure you take needed equipment: Something to put swarm in, maybe something to cut small branchs with, a bee friend would be nice.
 If you want to be added to the swarm call list, send Jan your name and phone number.

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